New Minecraft video sharing day

Mumbo Jumbo new hermitcraft server series 5
This is the start of the redstone masters of the hermitcraft series 5.

Mumbo and the hermits started another new land every year as a fresh start and to re-ignite their fire for minecraft. It is an all new building and new ideas on the whole new level. All of the hermits are quite the builders now and all are coming with. Great ideas for the server even at the starting.. 

i can wait to see what they have installed for us viewers. Lets anticipate.

Feel free to comment below on what contents i can bring out for you people. 

Take care and god bless people,




How I started on Minecraft

I started playing minecraft 6 years ago since Notch made the game. A fellow colleague from my previous job intro this game to me. He said all you have to do is build stuffs and build stuffs. I’m like, ok, Sounds easy enough. So i started playing minecraft and joining him on the game server, our private server, where there are 5 of us, all in the server, building stuffs and creating things. It was an interesting starting because i am learning the ropes as a “newbie” started from punching tree. Thats how all of us started, punching trees. Then i learn to make a crafting bench, make my first few tools, my weapon, my armor and collect resources to build my house. 

Through the years in minecraft i learnt the most is on the redstone contraptions. Basically is using the redstone dust, repeater, switches and pistons to make certain contraptions.  I just love it when i get the results going after i successfully build a contraption and it worked flawlessly. That satisfaction is great. 

Minecraft is 1 of the games i will play once in a while as the game takes up quite a lot of my time when i am doing big builds. I will not stop minecraft, as i find that it exercise my brain to think and plan for my building. To me, minecraft is a game for creative people, i wont say i am creative, i just enjoy the game as it is interesting.